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Russafa Youth Hostel Cancellation Policy and General Rules (Russafa Hostels C.B.)

• Not children or people under 18 years allowed.
• No smoking hostel.
• No alcoholic drinks inside the hostel.

Costs and Price

The price of our rooms can vary, depending on the type of room you book and the season of the year. Check room rates in the "book now" on our website.

Please note that prices may vary if you book online.

Russafa Youth Hostel has no extra costs, Internet is free, and the use of lockers, bed linen, towels, shower and breakfast. If you want to buy bottles of mineral water can do it at reception.


To check our availability check availabilities section on our website, or any query from different web sites where we are (hostelworld, hostelbookers, expedia etc.). If the room you want is not listed are probably not available for the chosen date.


It is mandatory to show the identity card for EU citizens, and passport for non-EU travelers for safety and regulation of the Spanish police.

Times Hostel

The reception is open 24 hours a day, but new travelers entries are made only from 8 to 23h. Travelers arriving between 23 and 8 hours must leave your ID or passport at reception and harvested from 9.00 am

The departure of the rooms is at 11:00. The hours of access to the rooms of the new travelers is from 14.00.

Please, if you arrive late note these times and let us know.

If you arrive before 13.30 h. you can do the check in desk, but access to the room before this time is not allowed.

To take advantage of our complimentary breakfast, please warns the day before at reception. The breakfast hours are from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m..

The hours of use of the kitchen area Pic-Nic is from 8.30 to 23:00 hrs. Remember that our kitchen has a microwave, coffee maker and fridge, your meals will have to adapt to these appliances. The kitchen is closed from 11:00 to 1:30 p.m.. for cleaning.

Try to respect fully these times. Understand that this time frame allows us to clean and adjust the Hostel, near Pic-Nic, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms for that perfectly groomed and find your stay as pleasant as possible.

Booking without a credit card

If you do not have a credit card that allows you to book online, send us an e-mail with your details, dates you want to book and type of room or call us and we will provide a bank details so you can enter the amount of the amounting your stay. Note that with this method of payment have to enter the total amount your stay and there is no possibility of refund, but ultimately no will enjoy the stay.


In Russafa Youth Hostel we have the following rooms:

Three female dormitory beds.

These rooms have three single beds that can occupy women. The bedroom is shared, meaning you can book in bed, not per room.

Three male dormitory beds.

These rooms have three single beds that can occupy men. The bedroom is shared, meaning you can book in bed, not per room.

If you are a mixed group of three people, if you want you can book a complete triple for you.

Double / Twin private

They are rooms with twin beds for up to two people. The reserve is per room, not per bed.

Room with double bed / Double bed private / private double

These rooms have a double bed for occupancy by a maximum of two people. The room reservation is made.

*All bathrooms are shared Hostel, there is no differentiation between male and female.


We offer free security lockers, we recommend using them for personal valuables. It is noted in reception locker number is to be used, and the key is returned at reception upon departure.

All rooms at the hostel feature key. Each passenger will be given the key to your room upon arrival. Travelers can not leave the room key during your stay, this key must be delivered ALWAYS welcome to the output of the Hostel.

If a traveler lost your room key or security booth, you must replace its value at reception.

Services and facilities

In Russafa Youth Hostel offers on the following services:

Open 24h. Reception throughout the day.

Breakfast included in the price, please, if you want to enjoy breakfast, warns reception the day before. If your output is above schedule hostel breakfast, evening alerts staff to take it into account.

Sheets in price with frequent change.

Free towels. Towels. Remember that you can not remove them from the Hostel to go to the beach.

Blankets and quilts free.

Wi-Fi. In the area of Pic-Nic and reception they will provide passwords.

Picnic area (microwave, coffee, tea ...) Remember that our kitchen has a microwave, coffee maker, and fridge, your meals will have to adapt to these appliances. In the kitchen you have bags and labels to store your food. The kitchen is closed from 11:00 to 1:30 p.m.. for cleaning.

Free Security Lockers. The security lockers are totally free, indicates reception locker number you use. The key is to return to reception upon departure.

Tourist information. At reception we provide all the information you need to enjoy your stay in Valencia and free city plans and schedules of public transport and tourist attractions.

Credit Cards. We accept payment by VISA, MASTERCARD and AMEX.

Environment careful and selective. Our approach enables travelers to enjoy a price youth hostel in a convenient and comfortable stay with all necessary amenities.

Exceptional cleanliness. The cleanliness of our Hostel has been rated as top rated (above 90 score of 100) in Hosterworld.

Panels updated with the city tourism information.

Individual heating and fans of the room. For obvious environmental reasons of energy saving, rational use thereof is made.

Shared showers with hot water baths.

Pay parking 24 hour security. opposite the entrance to the Hostel.

Booking on line

Data from a valid credit card to book online credit are required. Secure online bookings can be made through our website with information from a credit card that includes the card number, expiration date and name of the holder thereof.

Under no circumstances we are allowed SEND LETTERS OR FAXES for visa application embassies or consulates.

Groups of less than eight people can book directly online. For larger groups, please contact us directly via our form for groups you'll find by clicking here . Our staff will respond as soon as possible.


Any NOTICE OF CANCELLATION is only accepted by fax or email, cancellations are not accepted by phone.

Cancellations made before 48 hours to arrival not have any charge, except for special occasions like Fallas or Tomatina, they are non refundable.

Cancellations made 48 hours prior to arrival will incur a penalty of 1 night.

You can not cancel part of your booking on arrival at the Hostel.

The entire stay is payable at the time of Chek-in.


Booking Conditions.

It is necessary to pay 30% of the stay as an advance to block the days.

In the case of cancellation of booking by the client, the company will receive compensation consisting of:

10% of the advance in the preceding paragraph refers to when the cancellation is made with an advance of more than 30 fixed for the occupation of the accommodation. 50% when performed with an advance of more than 7 and up to 30 days. 100% if the cancellation is made with 7 or less days in advance.

The amount resulting from the application of the above percentages may retain the advance that has given the client. Loss of booking and payment: will cease the obligation of establishing reserve accommodation, with loss of deposit if effected, when it was not busy at the agreed time, unless within that period the customer confirm their arrival so certain.

In everything not covered in this document, the parties shall trust in the provisions of Tourism Management of Valencia and the Decree 19/1997, of February 11, the Valencian Government, by which the scheme is approved rates and reservations in tourist accommodations.

General Standards

It does not allow anyone to stay we did not present the original and valid passport or national identity document and original effect.

For not provide this documentation at the time of check-in will not be entitled to a refund or reimbursement by the Hostel.

We accept no booking bachelor party or single, of football at international matches or pets.

All children under 18 must come with accompanying adults, and this should be indicated when booking.

The school groups must be accompanied by a sufficient number of adults to ensure correct behavior and appropriate length of hospital stay. Russafa Youth Hostel reserves the right to refuse the entry of a group of these characteristics if deemed insufficient number of accompanying adults with no obligation to refund from the Hostel.

Before any damage inside the rooms, or in any public area of Hotel, Hostel RussafaYouth address the right to charge on your credit card the total damage was reserved.

The direction of Hostel reserves the right to cancel any reservation if the information provided is false or incorrect. The stay must be paid in full at the time of arrival at the Hostel.

You may on occasion, and for reasons beyond our control, we can not stay in the room type you have selected and have to stay in a different room. The amount to pay the entry may vary from the reservation you made.

The direction of Russafa Youth Hostel and its workers the right to accommodate any person and / or terminate the stay of any guest at any time if it does not meet the standards of behavior and coexistence or alters the stay of the other guests are reserved. In these cases there is no right to a refund or reimbursement by the Hostel.

Alcohol consumption in the rooms is forbbiden. Russafa Youth Hostel reserves the right to forbbiden the consumption of alcohol in public areas if you anticipate that this will alter the stay of other guests.

You are not allowed to keep food, even fruit in the rooms. In the kitchen you have a refrigerator, bags and labels so you can keep it in proper conditions.

It is not permitted to share the same bed in a bedroom.

The sheets and blankets are included in the price.

It is not allowed to hang towels, clothing or other objects on balconies and windows.

Smoking is not permitted throughout the Hostel.

Drug use is not allowed.

Russafa Youth Hostel is a quiet place where you come to enjoy ourselves but we must bear in mind that it is shared with more people, therefore it must respect the facilities and others who live with you, have fun and allows others do the same.

The Hostel reserves the right of admission without the right to a refund of the unused nights.

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